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We Used To Be Friends: A Veronica Mars Icon Challenge

A long time ago.....

We Used 2 Be Friends:Veronica Mars Icontest
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We Used to Be Friends is a Icon Challenge Community dedicated to the wonderful show Veronica Mars The following are the rules and workings.

The Challenges
Every week (Sunday/Monday) a challenge will be posted. It will be a theme. Meaning you can use whatever caps you want. Entries will be accepted until Friday. Voting will be on Friday. Winners will be announced Saturday evening.

Rules for Submitting
1.Icons are submitted in a entry/or comment containing the icon itself & the URL where it can be found
2.Any Caps from any episode of Veronica Mars can be used, however no promotional/photoshoot photos can be used.
3.Animated Icons are allowed

Rules for Voting
1.You will vote for three icons, if you don't vote for three you won't be counted.
2.No campaining for others to vote for you or voting for yourself
3.Voting is private so don't worry.

none yet, if you would like to be comment to the latest mod post